Rank Advancing Like A Pro

We are now on the fourth thing you have to do to have a successful network marketing business: rank advancing. If you haven’t read our blogs about the first three (networking, marketing, and enrolling) then make sure to go back and check them out! Just like the other ones, without the first three, rank advancing would not be possible. You need to have networking, marketing, and enrolling perfectly aligned for rank advancing to work. 

Rank advancing is simply getting people paid, or duplication. We like to look at it as a growth ladder. If you help others you will help yourself. Always have an abundance mindset and focus on how you can improve the lives of your team members. We always like to think of the phrase “one goes fast, many go far.” Take people with you on the journey, but don’t put your dreams on others. Nobody wants to feel like they are being used, they want to feel helped, empowered, and encouraged so make sure you are always going into it with the mindset of accomplishing those three things. 

Because rank advancing is duplicatable, you have to show people the way. People do what you do, not what you say. Always make it achievable and show people how to do things that you have already done. Small steps climb mountains, so start small and work your way up. When you’re reaching down and helping your team, you get paid for that. Network marketing isn’t just about selling a product – it’s about helping others and supporting others in their business. 

There are 2 steps you must do in order to help people rank advance. 

  1. Get clear on what their goals are. 

    1. Sit down with the person and have an honest conversation about what they want to achieve. Make it known that there are no golden tickets or promises. It’s called netWORK marketing for a reason and that is because it takes hard work to get your goals. 

  2. Set expectations

    1. In the same conversation, set the expectation of what you expect from this person. This could be things like staying on autoship, being on team calls, making Facebook posts, and going to events. Make sure you tell that person exactly what they have to do and how to do it to achieve their goals.

    2. After doing that, listen to their expectations of you. Once both of these expectations are set, you will both know exactly what needs to be done.  

Rank advancing isn’t about you. This starts to go into our next step, which is recognition, but always focus on how you can help others. Give people the tools to make sure they’re able to accomplish what they want to accomplish. You have to speak belief in people; make them believe that they can do this. We would not have been able to help our team of 180,000 people on our own, but by helping others then they were able to help others and so on. That is why we love our compensation plan so much because it is all about team energy and helping each other reach the next level of leadership. 

Stay tuned for #5 in our series (it’s the most important one) recognition and events! We will be posting that soon. Let us know in the comments your favorite story about rank advancing someone – we can’t wait to hear! 

-Tyler and Kelley 

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