The Best Way to Market Yourself

Now that you’ve become an expert networker and are starting to make connections with people, your next step is learning how to market yourself. This is important to do because if done correctly, people will want to join you and become better and healthier versions of themselves. 

Marketing, to put simply, is just making yourself visible. Everyone has value to bring to others, you just have to share it. Make sure you’re always sharing and telling your story. This involves sharing your beliefs, values, passions, and purpose. The more real, honest, and vulnerable you are, the more people will be able to relate. People don’t want to feel like they’re being used for a sale, so by sharing your story on your social media, instead of saying “click here,” it will be more personal. 

When sharing your story, start from the beginning. There is an easy template that we like to use to create a 30 second story. It goes:

Before ____ I was ____.

After ____ I felt ____.

Now, life is ____.

It’s really simple and tells your whole story, using emotions and feelings. You can use two or three words or phrases to fill in the blanks to make it a little longer, too! Here’s an example:

  • Before Isagenix, I was a tired stay at home mom who was looking for a greater purpose. After putting these products in my body, I had so much more energy and had found a vehicle to help others become the healthiest versions of themselves. Now, life is amazing. I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been, I am able to spend time with my kids and go to all of their activities, and I am able to help thousands of people every day build a business and get healthy.

That’s a shortened version of my story, but hopefully it helps! :)

There are many different ways to market yourself. Social media is a huge one. In all of your posts, make sure you are being authentic and genuine. Tell your story throughout your whole page – it doesn’t have to just be on one post. You also market yourself by what you wear, what you consume, and what you endorse. Make sure all of those things match up to your personal values. 

The best thing about marketing is that it can be done anywhere! Everywhere someone sees you is a perfect place to market yourself. Always remember that what you do means more than what you say. People see your actions and they are going to follow those instead of your words. Stay true to yourself and people will want to follow. 

Now you’re probably wondering why you even need to know all of this!? Marketing yourself helps you fulfill your purpose. As mentioned in the previous blog post, we are designed to live a life of service. You never know who will be able to relate to your story and want to change their life based on your past experiences. There is a greater meaning to marketing, and it’s about helping people better their lives by sharing your story. It helps you grow as a person. 

If you have any marketing tips, leave them below and make sure to check out our latest blog post about networking here. 

-Tyler and Kelley 

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