The Power of 5

Do you have a plan or strategy for your network marketing business?

Do you know 4 or 5 things that need to be done every day, rain/shine, good/bad, winter/summer, your first day or 15 years in?

Ok I probably just made your head hurt and want to scroll on to find a blog that’s easier to digest.

So true confession in any of our businesses we never really did.  We both ran successful business before network marketing and never really had a simple plan.  A plan that as long as we stick to it, through thick or thin our businesses would have success.

The reality is in 2011 we had lot of success by practicing ignorance of fire.  Let me just say ignorance on fire can be a great one ya to start but is not a long-term, duplicatable plan.

In January of 2018 while at a John Maxwell event for Network Marketing professional we learned about his Power of 5.  The Power of 5 asserts that if you want to chop down a tree and you identified the right target, 1 tree and use the right tool, an axe.  If you consistently, everyday, take 5 chops at the tree in time it will fall.  The necessities indicate you have to have the right tool and the right target identified to be able to accomplish your goal.

The Power of 5 can be applied to anything.  Any business, any study, any relationship, anything where a target and a tool apply.  In most cases you are the tool.

John Maxwell recently wrote a book identifying the Power of 5 for Network Marketing.  It was an honor and pleasure for Kelley and I to be advisors for this project.  We are excited because we know generations of people will be able to use the Power of 5 and have a simple to follow guideline for each and every day that will yield results.

So here are the 5:

  • Mindset

  • Growth

  • Significance

  • Leadership 

  • Connecting

They are all essential and they are all equally important actions that can be done everyday to grow your network marketing business.

We encourage you to grab your own copy and study and apply the Power of 5 for Network Marketing in your business.

Get your copy here!!

— Tyler & Kelley