The Power of Your Story

Are you sharing your story? Your story is like a seed; it’s full of power that is inspiring, potent and unceasing. Knowing and sharing your story is a part of God’s plan towards using you to change the world! Here are some tips we have for using your story to impact others.

As humans we are designed and created to serve. That is something we have absolute belief in and strive to instill in others every single day. Serving is where you find joy, fulfillment and purpose, and when serving comes together as a career, it’s really a beautiful thing!

It’s very important to look at where you are in life and realize that every failure and every success has gotten you to where you are today. Remember that you have value that you can give to someone, and that your story alone could completely change someone’s life. 

 Here are three tips we have for sharing your story:

  • Always speak your belief and values.

    • People aren’t always going to agree with you, but by speaking your truth you are giving someone an opportunity to connect with you based on something you both believe. 

  • Constantly be looking for chances to impact someone.

    • Focusing on your story and everything you’ve been through can help you apply your successes and failures to someone else’s similar situation. 

  • The last thing to remember is to always lead your life with a heart of service.

    • Live to give, not to get. If you are doing those things, you will find your purpose in life and live a life full of joy and fulfillment, which is what we are all after! 

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that someone out there will resonate with your story. If you’re hesitant about sharing, just think of how some part of your story to change someone else’s life.

To hear our story, and to learn more about sharing yours, listen to our podcast episode: 101: The Power of Your Story!

-Tyler and Kelley

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