3 Ways to Conquer Self-Doubt

Self-doubt. It can be such a horrible feeling sometimes. But it’s something all business owners (or anyone at all) has felt before and will probably feel again in the future. We think it’s one of those things that can never be 100% cured but it is definitely something we can learn to manage! 

Believe it or not, even we have times of self-doubt. We’re not perfect and nobody else is either, so it’s natural for self-doubt to rear its ugly head once in a while. But we can’t let it ruin our lives! What matters is how you overcome it. How you push through even when it feels scary and uncomfortable. Here are just a few of our tips to overcoming self-doubt and how you can do the same! Remember: we’re all in this together! 

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others. 

    1. This is not some race to the finish line. Business ownership ebbs and flows, just like life. Spending your days worrying about what everyone else is doing isn’t going to help grow your business. Focus on you and how you can improve yourself and your company.

  2. Remember your why and trust in your values. 

    1. It can be hard to stick to your guns even when everyone else is zagging right and you want to zag left. Remembering your values will help you push through in times of self-doubt. If you’re always focusing on your why, you will have motivation to succeed.

  3. Practice self-compassion.

    1. It can do wonders for your mindset and confidence. It might help to keep a self-care box filled with things that relax you (candles, books, bubble bath) so that when you’re feeling low you can go to it and immediately boost your mood! 

We like to do all three of these things to make sure that we are always overcoming our self-doubt. Our favorite one is to remember our why and stick to our values. Whenever we are feeling down, if we do those two things we can immediately improve our mood. 

What are your favorite ways to help conquer self-doubt? Let us know in the comments! For more tips like these, check out our Instagram.

-Tyler and Kelley

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