Why Dreaming is More Important Than Ever

Think about the last time you dreamed. Not at night during sleep, but a day dream. What did you dream about? If it’s hard to remember, that’s because we haven’t given ourselves permission to dream.

What does that mean? 

Think about when you were a kid. What did you want to be when you grew up? A princess? A doctor? An astronaut? Now think about why you didn’t achieve that. Was there someone tell you that you couldn’t? That it was impossible? 

The importance of encouraging dreams has been lost, but we are here to remind you about it! People don’t like to dream because they are scared they are going to fail. But sit down, and ask yourself, what is honestly the worst thing that can happen? Most of the time, it won’t actually be that bad!

We have an acronym that we like to use to help achieve our dreams and we hope it will help you too!

  • Decide

    • Decide that you are going to invite yourself to dream and to expand that area of your mind. Once you do this, you will have motivation and feel empowered!

  • Rest/Recharge

    • We like to use both terms because they are equally important. Some ways that we like to rest and recharge are having a journal, reading a book, going outside for a walk, etc. Find something that puts you in a relaxed state of mind. Whatever slows your mind will unlock the opportunity to think!

  • Energy

    • While you are dreaming, focus on the dreams that are giving you energy and life. Which ones are making you feel excited? Focus on the ones that put a fire in your soul!

  • Action

    • There’s a time and place for planning, and there’s a time and place for just going and doing. Even just making a plan is an action step! If you are never willing to move forward and ask yourself what you have to lose, you will never achieve your dreams. Some action steps that can be taken are: brainstorming different words, telling someone about your dream, google searching information about it. Taking a bunch of little steps will eventually lead to big steps!

  • Manifest

    • You might not find the correct path to your dream right away. Understand that you might have to correct your course on the way to your dream. Think about where this opportunity is taking you and finding the steps to get you there. Write down words about it, ask your friends to hold you accountable. Focus on it every single day and eventually it will become reality!

We really want to focus on celebrating your failures. Don’t make excuses not to dream, invite them in and let them fill you with joy, hope, and excitement! 

Surround yourself with people who are uplifting your dreams. We can’t stress this enough. People are going to laugh at you. They are going to tell you that you are crazy. Let go of those people who are holding you back because they won’t help you achieve your dreams. 

Finally, always remember that your success is what God has given you. Dream big because He wants to make you a story through Him. If you are giving all the glory to Him, He will reward you. 

We hope this blog has provided you with some action steps towards finding and realizing your dreams! For more information about our dreams, or how to achieve yours, listen to our podcast Episode 103: Permission to Dream

-Tyler and Kelley

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