Everything You Need to Know About Cleansing


Why Cleanse?

Anyone else out there struggle trying to manage weight loss?

Have you used a scale? 

A food journal? 

Tracked the calorie counts on menus and have meal prep containers at home? 

Checked out a weight loss clinic or a fitness gym?

Truth is – there are a ton of other tools out there aimed towards supporting a healthier population, but people are still struggling to lose weight and keep it off! Studies actually show that of the 45 million Americans dieting each year, 80 to 90 percent of them will regain all their weight! While these tools can be useful, clearly the simple remedy of eating healthier and exercising regularly isn’t working.

But don’t worry!

A new solution towards helping people achieve healthy weight and MAINTAIN IT has been created: Intermittent fasting: a pattern of eating that involves going without food for several hours or a couple days that can be created to be a lifelong habit.  

This is where Cleanse for Life comes in! This detox-supporting beverage is Isagenix’s specific form of intermittent fasting that supports your body nutritionally to rid itself from impurities all while also providing antioxidant vitamins and botanicals. And you guys – it seriously works!

Benefits include:

  • Improved insulin sensitivity

  • Resets calorie intake

  • Encourages adherence

  • Maintains muscle mass

  • Keeps weight off for good

  • Better focus and mental clarity

Cleanse Days, or intermittent fasting days, however, are just another tool in the weight-management toolbox. Combined with a healthy diet including “Shake Days,” regular exercise, quality sleep, and stress-relieving practices like meditation, they can all help lead to long-term weight maintenance!

A typical cleanse day schedule includes: 

8 am: 1 oz Ionix Supreme

9 am: 4 oz Cleanse for Life

10 am: IsaDelight

11 am: 2 snacks and Accelerator

12 pm: Cleanse for Life

1 pm: IsaDelight

2 pm: 2 snacks

3 pm: Cleanse for Life

4 pm: IsaDelight

5 pm: 2 snacks and accelerator

6 pm: Cleanse for Life

7 pm: IsaDelight

8pm: 2 snacks (if needed)

Bedtime: 2 IsaFlush

The beauty in this schedule is that you are eating or consuming something every single hour, so you never really get hungry! We’re also all about being flexible and listening to your body, so if you feel like you need an extra snack, eat one! That’s what we love about Isagenix: listening to your body is key, and these products allow you to be flexible while still getting amazing nutrition. 

Check out our post, The Best Green Mango Smoothie You’ve Ever Had for an awesome shake recipe to use on Shake Day! 

Happy cleansing! 

-Tyler and Kelley