5 Tips On How We Survive Long Haul Flights

This week we’re off to the Bahamas to celebrate with a year of amazing achievement at the annual Top Achievers event!  While a few days in the Bahamas will be fun and enjoyable the flight is not simple chore.  Two layovers and over 13 hrs of travel can be taxing.  We have a few a tricks to share that help those long travel days.

  1. Snacks: Isagenix makes travels very easy with simple meals such as Isalean Bars, Whey Thins and E+ energy shots.  Quick meals make flights so much easier for us.  It can be so difficult on a quick layover to try and find a meal.  Packing a few of each gives us options so we can get good nutrition on and off the plane!

  2. Dealing with Inflammation: One side effect of travel can be inflammation.  When you go to take off your rings and they feel like they are stuck forever.  Or feet that start to look unrecognizable.  A strategy we have used it a day of cleansing or intermittent fasting.  When implementing this strategy it not only makes the headaches of finding meals not an issue, it also helps manage inflammation. Cleanse for Life is a natural diuretic with its blend of herbal and botanical ingredients.

  3. Noise Cancelling Headphones: So aside from nutrition we love to make sure we have a great set of noise-cancelling headphones to listen to our latest book, podcast or simply catch a few winks.  Being able to learn while tucked away in our seats instead of the hustle and bustle of life.

  4. Comfy Clothing: Next make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes.  Any sort of being uncomfortable is a sure way to make a long flight longer.  It always seems like flights can be a little colder than desired so snag an extra jacket or sweatshirt.

  5. Travel in the Evening: Lastly, we urge you from our experience to try to arrive at your destination later in the day if possible.  It makes it much easier to adapt quickly when going to bed is the first thing you do.  We have found this helps you get onto the new time schedule right away and to enjoy your time at your destination.

We have enjoyed the opportunity to travel and experience some of the most amazing parts of this world.  We have figured out these hacks and they have made our travel time more enjoyable making the most of wherever we are headed. So give them a try on your next flight and we hope you’ll find the same to be true!

We hope you enjoyed these tips when it comes to surviving long haul flights! If you have any helpful tips you use for travel we’d love to know! Leave a comment below with your best travel tips for a chance to be featured on our Insta! For more awesome content like this, check out our Instagram!


-Tyler and Kelley