The Ultimate Frozen Summer Treat


Schools out for the summer for our kiddos!!

Which means loads of fun in the sun, pool days and of course, popsicles to keep cool in that summer heat!! As much as we love spoiling our kids with these frozen treats, they aren’t always a healthy snack choice and pumping them full of loads of sugar, artificial sweeteners, colors and dyes and zero vitamins and minerals just isn’t an option for us.

That’s why we love making homemade popsicle instead!! We create them using Isagenix juicy orange flavored Hydrate, mix them with water, pop them into little molds and voilà - the perfect, super simple frozen treat!

Why use Isagenix Hydrate and not orange juice or another alternative??? So many reasons!

First, Hydrate is a powder enriched with electrolytes, vitamin C and B-complex that are key ingredients to making sure your little ones (or you!!) stay hydrated in the heat while also giving them some extra nutrition! There’s also ZERO artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners which we looove and they taste AMAZING!!!! That way our kids get all the refreshing flavor they love and crave but without all the junk that comes in other popsicles and frozen treats. We’d be lying though if we said we didn’t enjoy one every now and then too. They’re so great for kids and adults alike! It’s a win-win!!

What You Will Need:

-Tyler and Kelley