Life Lately

As parents of 3, summertime can take on a vastly different look than that of the rest of the year. This year has not been an exception.  June was jam packed and July will offer some relief for our family.  July will bring sisters/brothers/parents/cousins to visit for a wedding and new adventures and beginnings.

In June we were able to travel to several countries spending time with business partners, new and old friends.  We kicked off the month going to Nassau, Bahamas for Isagenix Top Achievers event.  This annual event is an excursion we cherish for time to celebrate accomplishments and get to spend quality time together.  From there Tyler headed North to Calgary, AL to support some of our up and coming leaders for a local event.  One of the great aspects of travel and events is the chance to develop deeper relationships with members of our team.  To hear their dreams, aspirations and experience their passion can’t be done any other way than in person.  Lastly, we travelled to Busan, South Korea to visit our dynamic multi-cultural team.  The event was a capstone to a successful spring of growing and a kick-off for much more to come.  While neither of us speak Korean or Vietnamese there are some pieces of communication for which words are not necessary.  The heartfelt display of serving others, making sacrifices for your family and a desire to live a better life are universal.

Airmiles were racked up but our family didn’t stop either.  Our daughter finished off her dance year with her year end recital.  Our boys both started new teams for soccer and basketball.  Our oldest son was practicing hard and played his first soccer tournament of the year in Montana with his new team.  Our youngest played in two basketball leagues and the largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament in the world, Hoopfest, making it to the finals for his bracket.

This was just one month.  It can look like a blur but the opportunity to meet new people, the chance to build new friendships, the chance to make new memories all connect the days and make summer some of the best days of our year!

 What has life looked like for you lately?? Leave us a comment below!

-Tyler and Kelley