Becoming a Goal Getter in 2019

Do you have goals for 2019?

If so, you are not alone! If not, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to set some realistic, tangible goals for the remainder year!

Like many entrepreneurs, we started out by writing down many of our goals and dreams. Once you write it down, it will become real. Now, some of you may be thinking that this sounds like a daunting task and wondering how on earth you would be able to write down all of your goals without feeling overwhelmed. Well, this is why the next part is SO important…

“A goal without a plan is just an idea”

This is one of our favorite quotes because it is incredibly true. Without having a plan, there is no way you will accomplish your goals. They will simply be ideas. 

We like to use the acronym SMART for a highly effective way of defining goals in a clear, objective, structured and detailed way. A SMART goal must conform to the following criteria: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely

  • S – Is your goal specific – what exactly is it you want to achieve? How, when and where will it happen? 

  • M – Is your goal measurable – what will it look like if you achieve your objective? What evidence will show you have been successful?

  • A – Is your goal attainable – can you realistically reach your goal? The whole point of a goal is that is has to be a challenge and something that will push you but shouldn’t be impossible. 

  • R – Is your goal relevant - is it personal and why do you want to reach it? 

  • T – Is your goal timely – when will you achieve it? All objectives need a deadline, which will hold accountability to your actions and progress. 

We also love to reference the domino theory, and that is the idea that one domino can push over a domino that is 50% larger! It only takes 32 dominoes to knock over Mount. Everest! If you start with small goals, eventually they will become big goals!

Another important thing to remember is to always set yourself up for success. If you don’t believe you can do it, nobody else will. Make sure to give yourself tangible steps and before you know it you will be crushing all of your goals!

The last idea is to always learn from your successes and your failures. A lot of the time we like to focus on the things that we did well, but it is just as important to focus on our failures and how we can overcome them and grow from them. 

For more awesome ideas on how to set goals, check out episode 105 of our podcast, "How to Become a Goal Getter." 

-Tyler and Kelley

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