How to Stay Healthy Through The Holidays

We all know the feeling. The temperature drops below 50 degrees and suddenly you have a sore throat, the sniffles, and are completely exhausted. This seasonal cold affects tons of people, but it doesn’t have to be that way! 

There are many different ways to keep your health during the flu season, from mental health, to diet, to exercise. We like to incorporate all of those things so that we can continue working, hanging out with our family, and doing fun activities instead of being bed ridden waiting for the bug to pass! 

Here are 5 things we like to do to stay healthy and energized throughout the holiday season: 

  1. Drink our smoothies and take our greens

    1. Both of these things help our immune systems and our energy levels. When you know you’re getting the right nutrition in your body, you can be happy about indulging in all of the yummy holiday treats every once in a while

  2.  Manage our stress

    1. The holidays can be a VERY stressful time. There’s cleaning, gift shopping and wrapping, meal prep, cards to be sent, and all of this needs to be done while you are still working! That is a lot to handle. One thing we like to do to manage our stress is to take time to reflect and practice gratitude. We like to go to yoga and take an hour out of our day to turn off our minds and relax. Every night, we like to write down some of our goals and what we are thankful for. Being in the moment and practicing reflection can really help calm us down and reduce our stress.

  3. Exercise

    1. We know that finding time to exercise, especially during the holidays, can seem nearly impossible! However, it is so so important to get your body moving in some capacity because exercising can help boost your immune system. It can be a quick walk, an exercise class, weight lifting, anything helps! 

  4. Keep our “why” at the forefront

    1. The holiday season can be an easy time to get sidetracked of your goals. You have so many other things going on that sometimes work and your dreams can get pushed to the back burner. Always remember your “why” and your passions and use those to motivate you throughout this season.

  5. Relax

    1. It can seem like a very busy season, but the most important thing to remember is to relax. Spend time with your family, eat that cookie, and don’t let the holiday season seem too overwhelming JIt’s supposed to be fun, so enjoy it! 

What are your favorite ways to keep healthy throughout this busy season? Let us know in the comments!

-Tyler and Kelley

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