What to Do When Your Business is Stagnant

Everyone knows the feeling. Your business has been booming, you’ve been enrolling like crazy, everyone on your team is feeling inspired and motivated… and then all of a sudden it stops. You’re struggling to enroll people, everyone on the team is feeling a little defeated, and you aren’t sure what to do next.

The good news is that we’ve all been there! There have been times in our business when we stopped seeing growth and weren’t sure what to do next. We feel this often happens during the holiday season. There are so many other things going on (family gatherings, parties, children’s activities) that sometimes your business gets pushed to the back burner. But, it’s how you react to those times that matters! Here are 5 things that we like to do often, but especially when our business is feeling a little stagnant. 

  1. Know when to stay the course and know when to pivot

    1. This one is so important. Because social media and online marketing are always changing, something that is working now could be completely obsolete in a few months. Knowing when to keep pushing and persevering, and when to just throw in the towel is so important. 

  2. Try new things

    1. Have you been doing the same things in your business? That might be the reason why you aren’t seeing growth. Even a small change like commenting on more posts on social media could have a huge impact on your business.  

  3. Get an outside perspective

    1. Find someone who can speak honest truth into your business. This might be a close friend, or a complete stranger, but find someone who is willing to give their honest, unbiased opinion. Hearing fresh ideas can help you decide what to do to help your business grow. 

  4. Take a break and do something fun and exciting that will allow you to ideate again

    1. Maybe it’s just time to simply take a rest. Do something fun that is completely unrelated to your business: take a day trip somewhere, go on a mini family vacation, have a spa day, attend a conference. Anything that will give your mind a rest, to eventually allow it to come up with new ideas again. 

What are your favorite ways to help your business when you aren’t seeing growth? We are always looking for new ideas for us and our team, so leave us a comment below with your best ideas. 

-Tyler and Kelley

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