Meal Prep and Why It Matters

The truth is that there are a lot of excuses out there that people tell themselves as to why they haven’t reached their goals yet. One of the most common? “I’m just too busy right now.” And it’s true!! Juggling things like long hours at work, being a hard hustlin’ momma, chores, grocery shopping, the gym, grooming all your social media accounts, and trying to get in that last load of laundry that you were supposed to do last week… it adds up! And typically, nutrition is the first thing to be sacrificed and put on the back burner. But it doesn’t have to be! 

Maintaining a healthy diet can be as easy as meal prepping and when done right, it can help save you time and money. With less stress around eating, those health goals you’ve always had can finally become a reality!

Meal prep has many benefits including:

  • Making healthier dietary choices which can lead to fat loss and muscle gain

  • Avoiding wasting time every day cooking, so you can spend extra time with you friends and family

  • Always having a fridge and pantry full of healthy, prep-made and nutrition-packed meals

 And it doesn’t have to be boring or feel like a chore! Keep it fun by recruiting your friends and family to meal prep with you and finally try out some of those fun and interesting recipes you keep saving up from social media but never had the time to use! 

If you’re still struggling with excuses, start swapping out the phrase “I’m too busy” and replace it with “It’s not a priority” and maybe it will change your perspective. 

Our favorite meal prep schedule is to grocery shopping on Sunday and get all of our ingredients, then go home and cook for a couple hours. It may seem like a lot in one day, but we promise it will be a lifesaver the rest of the week! 

Let us know your favorite meal prep recipes in the comments below and check out our Pinterest to see some of ours! 

-Tyler and Kelley 

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