The Best Ways to Stand Out as Network Marketers


There are lots of ways to build this beautiful business of network marketing. You’ve probably heard the stereotypes about network marketing before… and may have even experienced them yourself! Referral-based marketing gets a bad rep because of the pushy, icky, slimy people out there who just want you to buy their product without ever developing a relationship with you. That’s not us!!

We may not be the top enrollers every month

We may not have a bunch of stars after our names

We may not always speak eloquently when you ask us about our products or our compensation plan

We are probably the worst closers in network marketing history

But… Here’s what we can tell you:

  • We will never make you feel uncomfortable or pressured to “buy”

  • We won’t fake a friendship in order for a sale. We really just think you are cool and want to be your friend!!

  • We will challenge you to dream bigger

  • If we speak life into you, we mean it! Trust us when we say you’re going to be great! 

What we do well is recognize a flame in a belly and we help fan that flame. When we have a call to action to “join our team,” we mean it. We love empowering others to see their greatness. 

By doing these things, we are building relationships with people and not just asking them to buy our product. We are designed to live a life of service, and by serving others and focusing on how you can improve their life, you will grow your business. 

Always have an abundance mentality: this means realizing that there is plenty out there and more than enough to share. Share thoughts, ideas, recognition, etc. and you will see it come back tenfold into your business. 

What are your favorite ways to build relationships with people? Let us know in the comments and check out more tips like these on our Instagram

-Tyler and Kelley 

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